2.5. Import Products from Peachtree accounting

In order to Import products from Peachtree to your online store, follow several steps of the wizard:

1. Select "Import Products from Peachtree Accounting" option and click next to proceed.

2. The next step allows you to connect to your Peachtree database. Import options may affect results. Please, read and check your selection carefully.

If Peachtree is not running at the moment it will start after you click Login button. Please, note that you may need to allow access from Peachtree integration plug-in to Sage Peachtree.

Please, check if Peachtree asks any confirmation (it will pop up automatically if it's needed) and proceed.

Default category: if category name is specified here, Store Manager will create the entire category tree for a product. If there's no "category name" column (in .csv) or it is not assigned, 

all products will be imported to a category specified as Default. If default category is not specified and there's no other way to determine which category products should be imported into, 

program will create "Default category" and place all new products there.

Import/Export Method:

Update the following Products Fields: Select if you need to update product name, price, quantity and/or description.

Update Empty fields option - when enabled it updates online store database with data from Peachtree as is, for example if some products have empty product description, import will delete description in your online store database.

3. All products listed in the "Import Preview Data" will be imported to Store. You can use native grid filters (click on column captions) and sorting to filter or rearrange records. Filters will affect result data.

Attention! Import process will start, when you press "Import" Button! Proceed only if all settings are made, otherwise press "Back" Button and check settings once more!

Important: We strongly recommend you to make full Database backup before any mass changes.

4. On the last step you can see detailed import log - the list of created/modified items, imported product list and errors if any.